No more worrying if you've missed something "big".

No more frustration with traditional record-keeping approaches that don't mesh with your untraditional approach to learning.

No more wondering what you should study next.

The Skills and Knowledge Checklists have you covered!

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See their gaps.

Track their progress.

Find their next topic of exploration.

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  • Who are these checklists made for?
    While any homeschooling parent can use them, I initially had holistic homeschooling parents in mind when I first started working on this resource, because they don't have a formal curriculum guiding their child's education. I also thought parents who follow an eclectic approach would appreciate it, since, by definition, they don't follow an all-in-one curriculum that one typically assumes is covering all the bases and may be concerned about missing something.

  • How do I use these checklists?
    The checklists are designed to be versatile and not lock users into one specific approach. They are spreadsheets with almost 30 checkboxes for each concept/knowledge bit, and you can use whatever notation approach makes sense to you! A video tutorial is also included which outlines three different approaches to using the checklists in case you'd like suggestions. 

  • Do I have to teach every concept included in the checklists?
    Not at all! What I DON'T want is for parents to download these checklists and then start to panic at how much information is included, thinking they have to cover it all. These checklists are not meant to tell you what to do, they're meant to record what you've done and give you ideas for things to do when you're looking for inspiration. 
  • Do these checklists include everything children needs to know?
    These checklists only cover the four main academic subjects. Subjects like life skills, music, art, etc. are not covered. While it is not possible to catalog every single piece of knowledge in each academic area, the breadth of these lists should cover what even the most rabbit-trail-prone homeschooled children explore.

    The one area that is only minimally covered by the checklists is higher mathematics, since the majority of children studying those topics would do so through a curriculum. 
  • Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
    Because the checklists are a digital product, refunds are not available. If you have any questions about the checklists, please email me at before purchasing and I would be happy to answer them! 

  • How long can I use these checklists for?
    You can use the same copy of the checklist each year in order to build a long-term view of your child's education. The depth and breadth of the checklists should accommodate a child's entire homeschool education from the early years all the way through high school graduation. Depending on how you choose to use the lists, you can track multiple children on one copy or print a copy for each child.

  • Can I add my own skills and knowledge bits to the checklists?
    Yes! There are spaces at the end of each subtopic to add your own skills or knowledge bits within that subtopic, and a blank, 2-sided checklist is included with each checklist for you to reproduce however many times you want in order to build your own lists.