You want to homeschool, but you're overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make, worried you'll miss something important, and stressed over how to actually DO this homeschooling thing. Launch Your Homeschool! equips you with everything you need to get your homeschool off the ground by walking you through all the important set-up steps, guiding you through curriculum and implementation, and laying out the path for your first year. Establish your homeschool confidently with Launch Your Homeschool!

You CAN Launch With Confidence, Even If...

  • You're not a teacher.
  • You don't have a college degree.
  • You have to work.
  • You have children with unique needs.
  • You have a large family.
  • Your children are wildly different.
  • You have a small budget (or no budget at all).
  • You have no idea how to get started.

No matter what your situation, the Launch Your Homeschool! can give you the tools you need to establish your first year and lay the foundation for long-term success.

You can expect...

A Clear Path

Take the guesswork out of your launch with my step-by-step, structured approach that leaves no stone unturned.

No Fluff

To-the-point videos, meaningful exercises, useful resources – no filler here, just the stuff you need to launch quickly!

Firm Foundation

My systematic approach to the homeschool launch gives new homeschoolers a solid foundation for their journey. Recently launched but struggling? Use it to fill in the gaps! 

Streamlined & Simplified

The transition to homeschooling is hard enough without taking on more than necessary. I'll walk you through what you ACTUALLY need.

Help For All

Large family? Kids with unique needs? Working and homeschooling? Regardless what your situation is, this will work!

Practical Advice

No lofty theory here – just brass tacks: demystifying state laws, choosing curriculum, what to do that first day – it's all here.

Meet your coach

Alison Morrow

I'm a certified classroom educator who has homeschooled my own children from the beginning – over fourteen years – and have helped dozens of clients find homeschooling success and confidence since 2016.

    What Clients Are Saying

    New York


    "When the opportunity arose to join the Confident Homeschooler program, I hesitantly signed up and began the step-by-step process. I was amazed by how much I was learning about myself and my children as I completed each step of the course. The Confident Homeschooler program has been a Godsend for our family that we are so thankful and grateful for. It truly does give you the knowledge and the tools to not only succeed, but to become confident in homeschooling."


    Terence & Isabel G.

    "The Confident Homeschooler is serious about making sure families are using teaching methodologies that fit the [parent] and materials, schedules, etc. that match the learning personalities of the children. Instead of being paralyzed by thousands of options that don't apply, we can quickly narrow down the alternatives. Given the recent tidal wave of homeschooling products on the market, this fosters sanity and often leaves us calmly choosing between the great, the excellent, or the awesome!"


    Linnaea F.

    "When I first began my journey toward homeschooling, I was not 100% committed to homeschooling my daughter. Alison and GoodSchooling gave me so much information about what curricula are available, how to be responsive to my daughter's needs through homeschooling, and how to have a successful transition to homeschooling. Through the support and guidance of Alison and GoodSchooling, my daughter and I are embarking on our homeschooling journey together. She is excited and I feel empowered to make this change."


    Brandi P.

    I honestly don't think I would have started homeschooling if I hadn't found you. The group, the resources you provide... you are so inspiring and have given me the confidence to know I can homeschool and to do right by my children and family. Thank you for all you do!


    Lacy G.

    "I just joined the Confident Homeschooler Community and OHMYGOODNESS!!! I am binge consuming this course! It is already worth every penny. I am on Lesson 3 and I am AMAZED at what I have already learned about myself that will help me develop my homeschool teaching style. I am delighted to have this resource in my life! Thank you Alison for this incredible help!"


    Adrienne W.

    "The Confident Homeschooler has made a great difference in our homeschooling journey. [It] has been helping us to overcome a lot of worries that we had in the past. We love the way you made your videos which are short, easy to follow, concise, and to the point. We love how The Confident Homeschooler program has a vast variety of resource and opportunities to improve and sometimes change or shift our homeschool journey.  It has been helping us in every way possible to keep our kids motivated and learning while traveling and working. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication, and often recommend the membership to other members of the military."


    Christina R.

    "You and your platforms are a literal Godsend. You're giving so many families the confidence and guidance we have so much trouble finding anywhere else. I find that you more than anyone else have laid everything out so easy to follow and you honestly have addressed every question I have yet to come up with. Thank you Alison!"