Accelerate your deschooling journey

Deschooling is the single most important step to unlocking your homeschool potential – but it can also be a confusing concept and a mystifying process. For only $27/month, this 3-month Deschooling Bootcamp turbo-boosts your deschooling journey so you can more quickly and easily overcome the obstacles that stand between you and your homeschooling dreams. (Registration is limited and opens to waitlist members first. Join the waitlist to get priority!)

Deschooling can help you...

  • let go of toxic, dysfunctional, and constricting views of education that taint your homeschooling decisions.
  • decrease the battles you have with your children over doing schoolwork.
  • better understand how children naturally learn and how to best facilitate their education.
  • eradicate your fears about "not doing enough," your kids "being behind," or "forgetting to teach something important."
  • feel more confident in your homeschooling decisions.
  • unlock your full homeschooling potential.

Deschooling can take years – but the Deschooling Bootcamp can accelerate the process so  you can experience more confidence and enjoyment in your homeschool experience THIS semester!  

You can expect...

A Clear Path

You'll get straightforward guidance through the confusing deschooling journey, delivered through short weekly activities.


Receive input and assistance from an expert homeschool coach who has been on this path for fifteen years and knows the territory!

Bite-Sized Work

High-impact reading selections and activities will condense months of deschooling into weeks without hours of work.

Time-Saving Book Notes

No time to read a full book each month? No worries – fluff-free book notes will be provided for each selection.


Twice-monthly Table Talk sessions let you hash out your hang-ups, and concerns with other parents who are on the same path. 


The Bootcamp simplifies what is often a complicated and confusing process through coaching and community.

You're already busy, but don't worry: the Table Talks are the only live, real-time element of the Bootcamp.

You'll complete the readings and activities on your own each week and then gather with other participants twice a month to talk through what you're learning.

Whether you actively participate in the conversation or just sit and listen, your time will be well-spent! (Table Talks typically last 90 minutes.)

Summer Bootcamp dates announced!

Meet your coach

Alison Morrow

I'm a homeschool coach who has been on the homeschooling (and deschooling!) journey for fifteen years. My goal is to help you gain the same wisdom and deschooling experience I've gathered in just a fraction of the time.