Choosing homeschool as a last-minute, temporary solution? This is the guide you need.

Launching your homeschool is difficult enough when you've had months to research it. 

But when you have to make the decision due to an emergency situation or some other pressing issue, the stress of that launch can feel ten-fold.

If you're a "just this year" homeschooler then this is the guide you need to walk you through everything you need to know.
From figuring out the legalities to figuring out curriculum (both what to get and what to do once you have it), this resource will get you pointed in the right direction and walk you down the path to launching your own homeschool adventure!

What's included:

It's legal to homeschool in every state – but every state's laws are different. This module will walk you through how to nail down the requirements for your locality.

You don't want to pull your kids from school on Friday and then sit them down with curriculum on Monday. This modules explains why – and what to do instead.

It's the million dollar question: what curriculum should you use? This module will help you determine what approach to take and what curriculum to use.

Record keeping will be an important part of your homeschool in order to facilitate you child's return to conventional school. Learn about record keeping options here.

You've made all the big decisions – the only thing left is to actually homeschool! This modules walks you through what exactly you should do each day. (Hint: it's not that hard!)

I've also included a couple bonus modules that can help you with specific concerns, struggles, and situations you may be dealing with on top of everything else.

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