Everything you need to launch your first year of homeschooling and lay the foundation for long-term success – just add curriculum (and I help you with that, too).

The Confident Homeschooling Solution includes three programs that work together to provide all the guidance you need to start homeschooling and have the best possible first-year experience while laying the foundation for long-term success:

LAUNCH: Launch Your Homeschool leads you through the process of withdrawing your child, getting set up with what you need to stay legal, figuring out curriculum and routines, and starting your journey on the right foot.

DESCHOOL:  The Deschooling Experience helps you detox from the conventional philosophy so you can unlock your true homeschool potential.

SIMPLIFY: The Simplified Homeschooling Framework helps you build your homeschool framework around your faith and family, guard against burnout, and keep your homeschooling relevant by prioritizing the skills and knowledge kids actually need to be successful in the 21st Century.

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Confident Homeschooling Solution

Set yourself up for long-term homeschooling success with this bundle of programs designed to walk you through every step you need to take to lay a solid homeschool foundation.

97.00 USD

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Confident Homeschooling Solution (3 payments)

Pay $39 now and gain immediate access to the "Launch Your Homeschool" portion of the program, then make the remaining two payments of $39 each whenever you're ready!

39.00 USD

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"Who is The Confident Homeschooling Solution made for?"
The Confident Homeschooling Solution is ideal for families who are preparing to homeschool or are ready to begin, but who struggle to know exactly how to start and want some guidance through the process. The program would also be helpful for families who just started homeschooling in the last 1-3 months and are still struggling to know what to do.

"What's the difference between the single payment option and the three payment option?"
The content is exactly the same for both programs! Single payment buyers will have access to the entire program immediately. Multi-payment buyers will receive access to Part 1 of the program with their first $39 payment. They can choose when to unlock Parts 2 and 3 of the program by making their second and third payments when they are ready to do so – the payments are not automatically drafted.

"How long does it take to complete the program?"
Launch Your Homeschool and Simplified Homeschooling Framework can easily be completed in a couple weeks. You can watch the videos whenever you want to. The Deschooling Experience is a 12-week series that is delivered straight to your inbox in weekly installments. You do not have to finish the entire series before you start homeschooling! Launch Your Homeschool will walk you through bringing your kids home and setting up your homeschool so you can start immediately.

"Is coaching available for The Confident Homeschooling Solution?"

WhileThe Confident Homeschooling Solution does not come with a coaching option, you will receive an invitation to join the Simplified Homeschooling Community after you have completed the first portion of the Simplified Homeschooling Framework. The Community is a membership program which gives you access to group coaching, group forums, bonus resources, and discounts on other GoodSchooling products. After joining, you are not obligated to remain in the Community for any particular length of time, and you can join at any time after receiving your invitation.

"Will the Confident Homeschooling Solution prepare me for long-term homeschooling, or is it only helpful for the first year?"

The Confident Homeschooling Solution helps you to unlock your true homeschooling potential and lay a foundation for long-term success. While the program is meant to assist new homeschooling parents, the Simplified Homeschooling Framework (Part 3 of the program) can be used for the duration of your homeschool, regardless of the age of your children. 

"Does Launch Your Homeschool or the Simplified Homeschooling Framework include curriculum?"

Neither of these programs include actual curriculum for your children, however, Launch Your Homeschool includes curriculum guidance and advice to help you make your initial selections and save money, and the beauty of the Simplified Homeschooling Framework is that it is a holistic approach that does not require a lot of curriculum, yet delivers a rich, well-rounded education, potentially saving you thousands of dollars over the course of your homeschooling journey.